Hidden Hotel is a hotel related puzzle game. You will start your interesting Match-3 adventure by solving lots of puzzles. The game offers more customization options for players to make their interior decoration shine! Your goal is to protect your new house from Naughty cousins by honing your interior design skills. One of the attractive parts in this game is you can unlock the hidden area and decorate it with your favorite decorations. There are many new adjustments to how you play this game well, so make sure you read the latest Hidden Hotel cheats and tips.

Check your goals first before you move. Each stage has its own goal. You need to make sure you have understood it before you start to solve the puzzle. When you are solving a puzzle, make sure you don’t stray too far from your goal, because you may use up all your moves before you achieve your goal. Usually, you will be required to remove certain tiles from the board at the first game stage. When you are in the later game stage, you need to collect specific items to clear the stage.


How to use Hidden Hotel Hack

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Hidden Hotel Features

– Unlimited Coins

– Unlimited Stars


– Updated


Hidden Hotel Gameplay

Use special booster to help you clear the stage fast. Special boosters are powerful items which give you instant stage clear result. We have listed two most used boosters in the below list for your reference.

Rocket booster – It will help you clear a whole row or line of tiles. You can create rocket booster by combining four same color tiles in a row or in a line together.
Rainbow ball booster – It is the most powerful booster in this game. So it’s very hard to be created. Once you use this booster, it will remove all tiles with a radius of 5 square meters. Usually, this booster needs to be purchased using coins.

Once you progress fast in your puzzle game, you will find that it is very difficult to solve the high-level stage. Your previous strategy becomes useless. You need more coins to purchase powerful booster to help you clear such level. Coins are usually be obtained by completing certain puzzle level. If you want more coins in a short time, you can buy them in-game store or use Hidden Hotel hack. Based on our research, many players are using cheat engine in this game to help them earn coins. So if you don’t want to step behind of your opponents, you should try the hacking service.

Once you reach level 10, you can start to decorate your house. During your decorating, you need to follow the instruction provided by the system. To decorate to your house completely, you have to collect all the required resources. Once you miss some items, you need to return solving a puzzle to get them.

Decorating your mansion well is a daunting task, but with the help of Hidden Hotel Hack tips and cheats, we are sure that you will reach your goal finally.


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